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Thank you for taking the time to read our Terms of Use policy. We strongly encourage you to revisit this page from time to time, as our policy is subject to change.

On this page, we will detail how you can use OnlineLoginGuides content. Failure to comply with the provisions detailed on this page may result in a warning, ban or even legal action, depending on what the situations warrants.

OnlineLoginGuides Content

All of the content available on OnlineLoginGuides is protected under international copyright laws. We, the OnlineLoginGuides team, are the sole owners of OnlineLoginGuides content, unless specified otherwise. OnlineLoginGuides content text, images, screenshots etc.

OnlineLoginGuides Content Usage

We provide the content of OnlineLoginGuides for free, with no restrictions, strictly for personal use. OnlineLoginGuides content can be shared freely between users, via social media or other means of online communication, provided that neither user expect any gain, monetary or otherwise, from the sharing of the content, either from the receiver or the OnlineLoginGuides team.


OnlineLoginGuides content can be used as reference material, or as an example, under certain conditions. Users who would like to reference OnlineLoginGuides content must first discuss it with the OnlineLoginGuides team. When asking for permission to use or reference our content please specify:

  1. How and why you will be using.
  2. The context in which the reference will appear
  3. The website on which it will appear.

When referencing OnlineLoginGuides content, you must provide information on the original source. This includes mentioning the original source explicitly and/or providing a link back to the original source, such that it is clear where the content originated for any and all users.

The OnlineLoginGuides team reserves the right to deny permission for referencing website content if they feel the context or usage of the reference does not align with the OnlineLoginGuides brand.

The team also reserves the right to withdraw previously given permission to use content if it does not reflect the agreed upon terms.

Forbidden Usage

OnlineLoginGuides content is strictly for personal use, or for educational purposes.

If you would like to reuse or reference OnlineLoginGuides content, you must first ask permission from the website team. Using the OnlineLoginGuides content for any other purpose other than personal use without the explicit consent of the website team is strictly forbidden.

You cannot use OnlineLoginGuides content to obtain monetary gain, or any other type of financial or material gain from it.

Users are forbidden to use the OnlineLoginGuides content or website for self-promotional purposes.

These rules apply both for text and images as a whole, and for parts of content. Paraphrasing or recontextualizing OnlineLoginGuides without the team’s permission is strictly prohibited.

User Conduct on OnlineLoginGuides

We would like all our users to carefully review and abide by the following user conduct rules. We hope these rules will help facilitate civilized and constructive debates and conversations among all our users. We review all our comments before making them public. Comments which do not abide by the following regulation will be deleted, and user may be banned if they fail to follow these regulations repeatedly.

Please refrain from using vulgar or obscene language. All comments that contain vulgar or coarse language will be deleted.

Racist, sexist or other types of discriminatory remarks are not tolerated.

Please fact check information before sharing it in our comments section.

Avoid leaving personal information in the comments section. This includes but is not limited to home address, work address, full names, detailed contact information. Messages containing sensitive information will be edited or deleted in their entirety.

Do not harass or otherwise inconvenience other OnlineLoginGuides users.


We reserve to change or amend the present terms of use policy at any time, as we see fit. Although we will do our best to inform users of the modifications, we cannot guarantee we will be able to do so. As such, we request that each and every user who wishes to continue visiting our website revisit this page to note any changes.

Our website may provide links to external websites. Please note the present terms of use apply to our website, OnlineLoginGuides. As such, we do not take responsibility for the terms of use of external websites. Please review their personal policies when accessing this website.

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